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Stay Resilient with Work Challenges

Our career path is never a smooth, straight road all the time and the skill of resilience is key to keeping our balance as we navigate it. Whether it’s managing a busy time at work or challenging colleagues, find-ing your first job or another job after a layoff or termination, perspective is key to getting or keeping our work life on track.

The Daunting Resume Update - It Can Be Done!

Updating a resume can be daunting and overwhelming, no doubt. Before you begin, please remember that you have accomplished a lot, your skills are unique, and you have a great story to tell. A resume is a living document, meaning it changes, expands, and contracts with each role you are interested in applying for.

You’ve Landed the Interview - Now What??

Congratulations on scoring the onsite interview! There is some prep work that you will need to do before the interview from a research perspective, and the interviewer’s perspective.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for the in-person interview. 

Core Values & Work

We don’t have to search long to find an article about the importance of identifying and using our core values to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.
Our values are things we believe are important in the way we live. They determine - or should determine - our priorities and are measures of how satisfied or dissatisfied we are with life or an aspect of life, like work.