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The Daunting Resume Update - It Can Be Done!

Updating a resume can be daunting and overwhelming, no doubt. Before you begin, remember that you have accomplished a lot, that your skills are unique, and that you have a great story to tell. A resume is a living document, meaning it changes, expands, and contracts with each role you are interested in applying for.

While the resume showcases all your skills and accomplishments, keep in mind your skills are needed to solve a specific employer’s problem. The recruiter and hiring manager spend no more than 15 seconds reviewing each resume, and usually, it is the top portion of the resume. 

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • It can be more than 1 page but no more than 2-2.5 pages.
  • Most of the applications are completed online, and pages aren’t an issue.
  • Summary - This should change with each position and be tailored to the role itself.
  • Selected Accomplishments - This should also change with each position and highlight quantitative accomplishments. This relates to the role and HOW you have been successful.
  • Relevant Experience - This should be a list of your employment with accurate dates. Be aware of not leaving gaps in employment. If you have a job that is not relevant, list it anyway and make it brief.
  • Education - Add any of your degrees.
  • Misc.- A good place to list a few hobbies or volunteer activities.
  • White Space - make sure the bullet points aren’t wordy and make the overall resume have enough white space to be easily read.

It can be helpful to have a resume that has everything listed on it, and then you can pull from it when needed. This way, you can tailor your resumes much quicker and focus on the summary and skills sections.

If you need further resume expertise, please confer with my colleague Shelley Karpaty, at, she has a background in recruiting, is passionate in assisting people showcasing their skills in their resumes, and provides coaching during the job search process.