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We know your business.

We are industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of the challenges you face.

We have highly skilled candidates.

Our candidates are vetted by experienced industry professionals and matched specifically to your needs.

We listen to you.

Working together to find the right talent for the job means considering team, experience, environment, vision, and any other custom requirements you share
with us.

We’re easy to work with.

We do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your other priorities at hand.

We’re fast.

We find you the best and brightest candidates. Quickly.

What Our Clients Say About
McManus Recruiting

Christine Carpio


"When seeking employment opportunities without a recruiter, it is incredibly difficult to discern whether the organization you are considering is the right fit for you, as there are so many unseen aspects to the company not known by the seeker. Working with Fran was invaluable in this process, as her knowledge and network within the industry is solid."

Caroline Anzur, CPCC

Anzur-Certified Life Design Coach

“Working with Fran over the past several years, I continue to be impressed with her abilities. She brings a refreshing combination of leadership, integrity and creativity to her work. She is an expert at connecting resources, keeping projects moving forward, and she demonstrates exceptional attention to detail and amazing resourcefulness, always with a smile and positive attitude. Going above and beyond may be a phrase that is over-used today, but when it comes to Fran's commitment to her clients and coworkers, she really exemplifies this.”

Daniel Rista

COO of Skillhop

"I highly recommend McManus Recruiting services for your recruiting needs. McManus Recruiting is my first choice to partner with when seeking the best talent.

I have had the pleasure of working for and with Fran McManus for the past 5+ years. I can directly account for the level of impact Fran McManus has in our industry and on every candidate that she mentors, recruits and guides throughout the process. "

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National Multifamily Housing Council