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Specializing in Multi-Family Residential, Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Sales, and more!


Success starts


What We Do

We work with you to ensure a successful hiring match by identifying business objectives and specific job-related requirements. We then develop a “wants and needs” skills plan, based on the information collected from our initial briefing.  We look for and find the most successful talent, then connect them with you.

Industries we serve

We are specialists who provide highly skilled candidates in the following industries: Property Management, Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Technology, Enterprise, Media, Information, Financial Services, as well as Industrial, Business, and Consumer Sales. We typically place candidates in management and senior leadership roles.

Our time-tested process has ensured successful outcomes for our clients.
The process begins with assessing your needs, continues with sourcing,
interviewing and ultimately concludes with an accepted job offer.

Assess, Identify, and Define Needs

We will take the time to develop a full understanding of your organization's culture and business needs. We will coordinate a needs assessment meeting with your company in-person or via teleconference/video conference to understand your unique requirements when selecting candidates whose qualifications align with your vision of success.

Support, Educate, Develop, and Promote

We provide valuable information and insight regarding compensation packages by industry verticals based on the role we’ll be supporting. If your job description does not align with today's needs and requirements, we'll help customize a job description based on what you told us. We will share the position with our talent network and post/publish the job listing.

Source, Search, and Identify Candidates

We search, identify, and interview candidates that are an excellent match. We’ll also screen references. We will send you a bio, resume, and work samples of our top candidates. We will coordinate the next steps as well as the interviews with candidates.

Coordinate and Schedule Interviews

We will only send you the candidates that fit the vision you have described for this opportunity. We'll then make an introduction and coordinate all scheduled interviews.


We will schedule a debrief with you for each interview that includes the next steps. We will schedule second interviews or thank candidates for their time and wish them the best.

Job Offer

Now that you have selected the candidate you wish to hire, we will work on your behalf to facilitate the formal offer and check everything before presenting it to the candidate. On-boarding is the key to a successful start. We will reach out to both employer and candidate!